You’ve finished your novel...
Revised it…
Sent it out...
But nobody wants it.

Worse, editor comments on the rejections are cryptic at best, and mere checks on a form rejection at worst.

Or maybe you’ve finished the manuscript but haven’t yet dared to send it out. You’ve heard about markets closing to newcomers, waits of six months or a year or worse from the time folks submit until the time they receive a form rejection, about folks who were rejected dozens or hundreds of times before they finally sold anything.

Perhaps you want to indie publish your work, but you’ve read some truly horrible indie fiction, and you don’t want your work to be like that.

You’re hoping to make your manuscript better before the first editor (or paying reader) sees it.

Whether you have rejections in hand or not...

What you want is one of those amazing editors from the days of yore who would:

  • See the promise in your manuscript, but...

  • Along with telling you everything you did right, could also...

  • See where you went wrong...

  • Show you where you went off the rails...

  • Walk you through WHY what you wrote didn’t work, and...

  • Suggest steps you could take that would make your work better.

A developmental editor, in other words. Someone who loves good fiction, who knows story structure backwards and forwards, who has a brilliant ear for language, who understands characterization and plotting and storytelling nuances.

Someone willing to take the time to read every word you’ve written, to see what you were trying to do… and then to help you do exactly that.

Someone who’s on your side.

Someone with experience.

Matt Turano has been the content editor for every novel I’ve written (I'm Holly Lisle) since 1995. For most of my shorter work, too. (We’re married now, but we met as writers, and he’s the person I've trusted to see my work first — and to tell me what I got wrong — since we first became friends.)

You can now hire Matt Turano to content edit YOUR manuscript

You need to have written a complete book. It must be in standard manuscript format, typed and correctly formatted. (This is standard manuscript format.)

You must have written plot-centric fiction: not slice-of-life, deconstruction, meta-fiction, or no-story-in-there porn or erotica. (He’s fine with spicy romances, though.) 

He ONLY schedules two edits at a time — the one he’s working on and the one that comes next. There’s a short waiting list after that, and folks on that list are notified when he’s ready for the next manuscript.

Scheduling is first come, first served and your manuscript must be ready (meaning that you have already finished your first draft AND revision) when you schedule, because if he’s caught up your edit will start immediately, and if there’s one person ahead of you, the longest you’ll wait is two weeks. Yes, he really will spend a full two weeks working on your manuscript if it requires that .

Payment for the full amount is due when you're added to the schedule. Once Matt has received your manuscript, edits are nonrefundable.

Finally, this is a content edit, NOT a copy edit

He does not copyedit. He will not find or mark up your typos, repunctuate your comma splices, or identify and correct run-on sentences.

Matt's strength is in studying and dissecting fiction content.

He is truly amazing at reading a manuscript, discovering how and why the story has gone wrong, and then showing the writer the problems and explaining exactly why they are problems, asking questions about the weak points, and offering possible courses of action that will permit the writer to fix what's broken while remaining true to the stories he or she wants to tell.

And he's kind and gentle when presenting problems he finds. He's never mean, snarky, or thoughtless.

HOWEVER… If you think what you've written is perfect and you're hoping to hear how wonderful and flawless the story is, you don't want to hire him.

You have made mistakes. He will find them. And he will show you what they are, and tell you why.

And then it will be up to you to do the work necessary to get your manuscript in shape for publication or submission.

“Torch in a big, dark cave"

Thank you SO much for your edit letter for CRIMSON TOUCH. I am eternally grateful that Holly is willing to share you with us!

Reading your edit letter was a lot like being handed a torch in a big dark cave (or a box of torches, really!). It’s not as scary when you can see.

Your ideas have really got me thinking about what this book could truly be. I’m looking forward to getting stuck in and developing the story in exciting new ways I hadn’t even considered.

“Most thorough evaluation of a story I ever got"

I write clean first drafts, and I know it. It was one of the strengths my agent saw in me when she took me on. But I also know that no matter how diligently I work at eliminating inconsistencies, dropped story threads and the like, I always miss some. So when I found myself short of a good beta-reader, I decided to hire Matt.

I didn't regret it one second. He did the most thorough evaluation of a story I ever got. He found everything a reader might stumble over and then some. He even corrected some of my language blunders.

I heartily recommend his service. My book "Obsidian Heart: The Three Princesses With the Glass Hearts", a fairy tale retelling, will be that much better for his help. Thank you, Matt.

“Spoilt me for wanting to use any other editor"

It feels somewhat repetitive to keep saying thank've spoilt me for wanting to use any other content editor because I don't think they could ever match your good humour and talent for delivering criticism (though really I see it as simply feedback) and not make it feel personal, or -- and this is the more pertinent point -- leaving me feeling discouraged at the amount of work to do.

"I am in awe…!"

Wow Matt.

I am in awe. This is the best gift I've received all year. Thank you so much. I feel like I need to repay you. You are brilliant. If you are open to new clients, I would be the first in line to work with you in the future. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

“Definitely made my day"

Thank you for doing such a fast read of the ending. You have definitely made my day today in so many ways. Your comments throughout are going to be of immense help as I go into my final revisions. Lots to think about and I love your suggestion of putting the memorial ceremony at the end. I can sort things so that it will fit for sure.

May all good things come to both you and Holly for being the caring and generous mentors you are.

“I know what to do now"

These, as all your comments, have been constructive in directing me towards better solutions for my book. I so appreciate your time in getting to know my story and your depth of insight in understanding exactly what I'm trying to accomplish. You've hit the nail on the head with every observation. Your comments and suggestions are clear and I know what to do now. You've been such a big help. Thank you very much!

“Got chills reading your edit letter"

I just wanted to thank you for your incredible work on this - I got chills reading your edit letter (the good kind of chills!) - so many of those changes are going to turn this into a better book! I didn't expect so much encouragement, and I'm both touched by your enthusiasm and enormously relieved...

Ready to get an amazing content editor for your book?

  • Step One: Make sure your manuscript is typed, revised*, and correctly formatted. The following formats will work: .doc, .docx, .rtf, .pdf

  • Step Two: Gather up up qualifying receipts for available discounts (if applicable). You’ll need to attach these to your scheduling ticket as either screenshots or PDFs.

  • Step Three: Schedule your content edit, including your name, manuscript title, genre, and word count. Do not send your manuscript to Matt until you’re scheduled, you’ve paid, and you’ve received notice that he’s ready for your book.

HWC General Members

Price: $997 per 100,000 words
Please have your manuscript completed, revised*, formatted, and ready when you schedule your edit.

Please mark your ticket priority as HIGH.

Payment will be due in full before Matt starts your edit, and once he has received your manuscript, no refunds will be given.

HWC Big Course Students

3-Course Owner: $497 per 100,000 words

2-Course Owner: $675 per 100,000 words

1-Course Owner: $849 per 100,000 words

You’ll need a receipt screenshot or PDF for each qualifying class when you schedule your consult.

Please mark your ticket priority as HIGH.

Payment will be due in full
before Matt starts your edit, and once he has received your manuscript, no refunds will be given.

2020 How to Write a Novel Launch

Have your sign-up receipt for How to Write a Novel dated between:

  • December 31st, 2019, and...

  • January 31st, 2020 @ 10pm ET

Price: $197 per 100,000 words
100,000-word manuscript maximum

Please have your manucript ready to go when you schedule. Your novel manuscript must be written using the HTWAN class, and must be fully revised before scheduling.

(It is impossible to content edit raw first draft).

Please mark your ticket priority as HIGH.

ALWAYS fully revise your novel before submitting it for a content edit.
(Or to publishers…) Below are 3 paths to revising your novel.

Free, Basic Revision PDF

This free downloadable PDF walks you through the accelerated steps pro novelist Holly Lisle (Matt’s wife and long-time editing client) uses for her less-wrecked first drafts.

7-Day Crash Revision for Experienced Novelists

This course walks experienced novelists through the process of doing an editor’s request for revisions on a tight turn-around deadline.

Visit the 7-Day Crash Revision Course Page

Link opens in new tab.

In-Depth Beginner Revision

Step-by-step class with worksheets and forum support for beginning and intermediate novelists who are not yet regularly selling fiction either commercially or independently.

Visit the How to Revise Your Novel Class Page

Link opens in new tab.