Content editing is a process of carefully reading (and rereading) your manuscript, identifying your story’s strengths and weakness in plot, characterization, conflict, pacing, structure, writing, and overall storytelling.

Content editing is an exhaustive, in-depth process that results in a detailed letter outlining what you did right, and what needs additional work, which is designed to show you how to make your book better.

This process gives you one knowledgable fiction editor’s reasoned best advice about how to fix your story. 

It is not ghostwriting, copy editing, or rewriting.

When you receive your edit letter, you will have to go through your manuscript and used the information in it as you see fit.

I cannot guarantee that your manuscript will become publishable after you have made the changes I suggest.

If you are aiming for commercial publication, nothing can guarantee that. Commercial publication has a lot in common with gambling.

If you are independently publishing your work, take the time to have a good copy edit done once you’ve revised. (I don’t offer copy editing).

—Matt Turano